Beasley Allen lawyer Mike Crow filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Michelle Sullins, widow of Christopher Sullins, and the couple’s three young daughters against DeMarquis Deon Teague. Teague was driving while impaired by alcohol when he crashed head-on into Mr. Sullins, killing him instantly. The lawsuit also names as a defendant Sharon Katrina Latrel Fayson, owner of the vehicle Teague was driving at the time of the crash, for loaning Teague the vehicle despite her knowledge of his criminal driving history.

“As a result of Mr. Teague’s continued pattern of negligent behavior behind the wheel, Mrs. Sullins must pick up the pieces of her life and raise the couple’s three daughters alone – something she never expected to do,” Crow said. “Ms. Fayson enabled Mr. Teague. Allowing him access to a vehicle and knowing his proclivity for reckless driving in the past, she essentially armed him with a deadly weapon that took Mr. Sullins’ life and robbed our client and her daughters of a future with a man they knew as husband and father.”

The tragic crash occurred in September 2019 when Mr. Sullins and Teague were driving in opposite directions on Gardner Road between Highway 94 and Pisgah Road in Montgomery County, Alabama. Teague, impaired by alcohol, was driving recklessly when he crossed into the opposite lane, causing a head-on crash that immediately took Sullins’ life.

The complaint alleges that Fayson knew of Teague’s driving history including his pleading guilty to the following crimes:

  • driving while suspended and speeding in December 2013,
  • speeding and no driver’s license in May 2016, and
  • speeding, driving while suspended, reckless driving, failing to stop, possession of marijuana, attempting to elude [law enforcement], and leaving the scene of an accident in November 2016.

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