Why Us?


For over 40 years, Clark & DiStefano has provided legal representation of the highest caliber to a large number of diverse clients in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  Our experience is your edge.  Our Litigation team has tried hundreds of cases, and has a minimum of 25+ years of litigation experience.   We are a boutique sized firm whose experienced lawyers are hands on from start to finish.  

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discuss your potential case.   If you cannot come to our office, we will come to you.   We are available to meet you where, when and how it’s most convenient for you.   We are available 24/7.  

Highly Selective

We are highly selective in our case evaluation process. We have to be as we are not a huge firm looking to file a large number of cases.   Our clients are not a number.   That is why we have chosen to be a small boutique litigation firm.  We are driven to serve and know client each and individually.

Unique Backgrounds

Our litigation lawyers have prior experience handling trial cases for Insurance Companies and Corporations.   We view this as an advantage.   Our prior defense counsel experience gives us unique insights into the trial techniques and settlement strategies of insurance companies and corporations.

Indidividualized Litigation Strategies

Every case is different and every client’s situation is unique to them and us.

We do not take a one size fits all approach to our clients.

Because we are selective, we work with our clients to develop individualized litigation strategies for your situation.

We prepare every case for trial.  However, we try to think outside the box. If the circumstances make sense to you and us we may also pursue Mediation, Arbitration or Early Settlement Programs (“ESP”) established by the Courts and/or the Insurance Industry to get you fair compensation before trial.

Based upon the client’s situation, we are willing to explore settlement offers if they are reasonable and compensate our clients for the injuries they have suffered.

Flexible Trial Teams

We are flexible in our litigation strategies, and are willing to co-counsel and create a trial team for your matter that seeks to maximize your potential recovery for damages.  We will also work to retain the top experts and investigators for your individual matter.

We focus on meticulous attention to detail and the needs of our clients.  We listen to our clients’ concerns and goals, and develop strategies specifically tailored to each individual case.   At Clark & DiStefano, we treat our clients as strategic partners in achieving a common goal. 


Our goals are to help you get the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

Our Size is Our Advantage

You will receive hands-on representation from a lawyer with 25+ years of litigation experience.

“Hold Fast”

“Hold Fast” means to stand with your convictions, your truths, your gut, and your heart. Do not be swayed, convinced or intimidated by outside forces to go against what you know is true. Hold Fast” to your inner voice and be proud to have the strength to be your own person.

We believe in the saying as applied to current life and litigation. Once you are our client we will “Hold Fast with you.

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45+Years of Legal Representation

At Clark & DiStefano we are attentive, always focusing on the needs of our clients. We develop strategies that are tailored to each individual case, and we treat our clients as strategic partners in achieving a common goal. We endeavor to think outside of the box and formulate cost-effective strategies. Lastly, we believe in prompt communications with clients so they have predictability for reserve setting and sufficient time for studied pre-trial evaluations and recommendations.


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