The effects of secondhand vape aerosol may be just as detrimental as the effects of secondhand cigarette smoke, New Hampshire health officials warned during a news conference hosted by nonpartisan news organization InsideSources.

“If you’re in a car with kids and you’re using one of those big vape things that produces a cloud of vapor into the air, assume that is not healthy for the kid who is strapped into the car seat in the back seat, or the kid that’s in the same room as you, or any person who is in the same room as you,” said Dana Mitchell, prevention coordinator at Dover Youth to Youth. “People thought tobacco smoke was harmless for years.”

juul nicotine comparison Secondhand vape aerosol may be dangerous to bystandersResearch has shown that secondhand vape aerosol can contain nicotine, heavy metals, ultrafine particulate, volatile organic compounds and other toxins, which not only exposes those who inhale the chemicals into their lungs but also those not vaping who are in close proximity. Laurie Warnock with the Northern New England Poison Center cautioned that the effects on those exposed to secondhand aerosols may not be seen for years or decades, similar to the effects of tobacco smoke on those who lived in homes of or worked alongside cigarette smokers.

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