Monmouth County Auto Accident Statistics

Monmouth County Car Accidents Are Shockingly Common Occurences

Driving is a task that a lot of us take for granted every day. With that said, the car insurance industry as a whole estimates that the average driver will file a claim for a collision once every 17.9 years. Fortunately, Monmouth County is about average in terms of the yearly total number of auto accidents, though it is worth noting that the chance of you finding yourself in a car accident in Monmouth county is still quite high. We have compiled our data from the New Jersey State Police and New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Total Number of Accidents in Monmouth County

We discovered Monmouth County is about average in terms of total car accidents after analyzing the New Jersey Department of Transportation data. The number we found in Monmouth County was significantly lower than what we found from northern counties like Bergan. There seems to be a trend of where the likelihood of finding yourself in an accident is higher as you go further north through the state, something drivers should keep in mind when navigating through New Jersey.


18,516 Auto Accidents in Monmouth County 

Total Number of Fatal Accidents in Monmouth County

We discovered some troubling data when analyzing the fatal accident information provided by the New Jersey State Police. Again Monmouth county found itself about average in terms of total fatal accidents in New Jersey. However, this number is too high in our opinion and drivers should exercise greater care when operating a motor vehicle to ensure the safety of yourself and other motorists.


24 Fatalities from Auto Accidents in Monmouth County 

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