5 Common Car Accident Injuries

Car Accidents Have The Potential to Cause Severe Injuries and Death

Driving is a task that many of us take for granted every day. However, this relatively mundane task that most of us partake in every day has the potential to cause very severe injuries in the event that a car accident does occur. We have examined many auto accident cases and have narrowed down the 5 most common injuries associated with car accidents.

Head & Neck Injuries

Head & neck injuries are some of the most common forms of injuries that occur after a car accident. It is not uncommon for individuals involved in accidents to experience concussions and whiplash. Concussions, in particular, have the potential to cause very severe negative long-term effects that can impair an individual’s cognitive function permanently. Concussions also have the ability to cause erratic emotional behavior which can hinder an individual’s personal and professional life after an accident.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are often overlooked when looking at the potential injuries that can be sustained from an auto accident. The driver commonly will suffer from chest injuries due to small amount of space between the driver and the steering wheel. It is not uncommon for individuals involved in car accidents to suffer from broken ribs and injury to internal organs.

Arm & Leg Injuries

Injuries to the extremities are also very common in car accidents. Arms and legs have the potential to be pinned up to the door in the event of a side-impact, potentially causing a break. It is also very common for drivers and passengers to hit their knees on the bottom of the dashboard. In some severe cases, injuries to an individual’s extremities have the potential to take an individual out of the workforce, forcing them into disability and diminishing their earning ability for themselves and their family.

Scrapes, Cuts & Bruises

Loose and unsecured objects have the potential to become deadly projectiles in the event of an auto collision. Objects like coffee mugs, cell phones, and other small items can act as projectiles causing impact injuries. Broken glass commonly causes severe lacerations in some cases which can require the expertise of a plastic surgeon to properly suture to prevent scarring and permanent damage. Airbags have also been known to cause scrapes, cuts, and bruises when they deploy.

Soft Tissue Injuries

 The excessive forces found in a car accident can potentially cause a number of soft tissue injuries. Common soft tissue injuries include muscle, ligament, and tendon damage. Whiplash from the vehicle coming to an abrupt stop can cause severe back and neck pain due to excessive forces put on the muscles and ligaments.

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