Teens who vape are more likely to suffer with lifetime asthma, a new study has found. But when combined with cigarette smoking or marijuana use, the risk may be even greater.

kids vaping 375x210 Kids who vape at greater risk of lifetime asthmaThe study, presented at the annual American Thoracic Society, which was held virtually this year, found that frequent use of vapes, marijuana, and cigarettes were associated with a 23% to 68% increased risk of lifetime asthma. But when vapes were combined with marijuana, the risk was even greater.

Researchers also found that vapes were the most commonly used nicotine products among American teens. Vapes contain nicotine, often as much as an entire pack of cigarettes. And, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. Teens who vape have become hooked, exasperating the teen vaping epidemic. This has put a burden on schools, which have had to redirect time and resources to from education in order to stop kids from vaping in school and to provide services when they become addicted.

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