When a construction company laid a large hose across a newly-developed Florida sidewalk, safety protocol stated that they should have closed off the entire sidewalk to ensure the safety of all passers-by. But the crew decided not to follow protocol, leaving the unmarked obstruction where it was – and their negligence caused a bicyclist to suffer a life-altering, traumatic brain injury. 

As Jane rode through the area, the front wheel of her bicycle snagged on the hose, and she ended up flipping over the handlebars and falling headfirst onto the concrete. No one from the construction company even came to her aid, and the injury to her brain was severe enough to affect her for the rest of her life. 

Jane’s husband contacted attorney Joseph Kopacz of Morgan & Morgan to represent Jane and seek compensation for her injuries. Joseph began preparing for the case to go to trial, and pulled together experts in the fields of human factors, MOT violations, and health – along with DK Global – to create an animation that would clearly explain the Defendant’s liability and Jane’s resulting trauma. 

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