JUUL Stroke

JUUL Stroke, Brain Hemorrhage and Aneurysm

A February 2019 American Stroke Association report identified increased risk of stroke from vaping vs non-smokers.  Using federal research data from the Center for Disease Control’s 2016 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems (BRFSS), researchers compared the rate of serious medical events of vapers vs non-smokers.

Vaping was associated with a large increased risk of stroke.  Compared to non-smokers vapers experienced a 71% increased risk of stroke.[1]

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Vaping Increases Risk of Brain Hemorrhage and Aneurysm

A study in the October 2018 edition of Stroke notes nicotine can play a role in intracranial aneurysm ruptures.[2]

Cigarette smokers are frequently seen in data populations to suffer from higher rates of aneurysmal rupture, however the mechanism for how smoking cigarettes increases risk is not well established.

Researchers used mice to show that introduction of nicotine to the brain interacted with smooth muscle cells at the aneurysm site, and the results was increased rupture. Brain aneurysm rupture frequently causes death.

JUUL pods contain 5% nicotine by weight, or about 6% by volume. Most other e-juice manufacturers measure nicotine by volume, meaning JUUL is under reporting nicotine dose by industry standard expected by consumers. This is a very high dose of nicotine and if nicotine can cause aneurysms after being inhaled from a cigarette, it is not expected inhaling it from vape smoke would lower the risk.


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